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Do you have a complex construction project and need an experienced engineering office for the specialist planning of your technical building equipment? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Regardless of whether you want to gather initial ideas or have concrete questions concerning your planning, we are your reliable contact. Feel free to get in touch via telephone, fax, e-mail or by using our contact form.

RK-Plan GmbH
Gutenbergstrasse 11
63477 Maintal
Thorsten Rieker
Managing Director
Mobile phone: +49 170 22 52 109
Markus Kröll
Managing Director
Mobile phone: +49 175 91 00 679
Brigitte Rieker
Assistant to the Managing Directors
Mobile phone: +49 175 90 44 254
Patrick Sitnikov
Project Manager – Data Centers
Mobile phone: +49 151 277 06 880
Andreas Herold
Project Manager
Mobile phone: +49 151 177 57 298
Gunnar Kuhnert
Project Manager
Mobile phone: +49 151 111 58 502
Jessica Pritschkat
Project Execution & CAD Construction
Frosina Doneva
Project Execution
Ahmed Sherif Elsayed
Project Execution
Mobile phone: +49 160 29 81 739
Ralf Stula
CAD Construction (BIM)
Jan Ermel
CAD Construction (BIM)
Dennis Frank
CAD Construction
Thomas Zilling
CAD Construction

The perfect location for …

We are located just approx. 20 minutes away from Frankfurt city center.
You can get to our office from Hanau in just 15 minutes.
The City of Wiesbaden in the western Rhein-Main region is about one hour drive away.
...while the journey to Darmstadt in the south of Hessen takes approximately 45 minutes.

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