360° building equipment planning

We provide you with comprehensive specialist planning services for technical building equipment from one single source. As an experienced technical building equipment planner, we accompany you throughout your entire project, providing a solid understanding of construction and technical expertise every step along the way. You can therefore rest assured that you have a reliable contact by your side for all matters concerning your building equipment – at all times and right from the word go.

Our services

  • Concept planning (general and specific)
  • Calls for tenders (evaluation and awarding contracts)
  • Construction monitoring/supervision
  • Monitoring contract execution (in accordance with the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB))
  • Work based on tendering, awarding and invoicing (AVA)
  • Work stages 1 to 9 according to the German Regulations on Architects’ and Engineers’ Fees (HOAI)
  • Energetic optimization
  • Feasibility studies and risk analysis
  • Technical due diligence
  • Technical commissioning


The more technology is integrated into a building, the more important the planning becomes. This is why we keep a close eye on all aspects of your project, from the initial rough planning to the construction and implementation phase and right through to the handover, commissioning and settlement of all construction phases. We develop plans, meet your specifications and find pragmatic solutions for construction progress that remains on schedule


Our technical building equipment expertise

  • Heating (heat supply, water heating)
  • Ventilation and air conditioning planning (ventilation and air conditioning, residential ventilation and ventilation systems)
  • Cooling (air conditioning and refrigeration technology)
  • Sanitary planning (water, wastewater, utilities, gas installations)
  • Building automation and room automation systems
  • Media supplies and fire extinguishing systems
  • Process heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Special-purpose systems


We are a specialized planning office

The technical and functional demands placed on buildings and properties are growing. At the same time, the planning opportunities provided by digital tools are also increasing. It is therefore important that building owners work with a planner that has detailed knowledge of the building, technologies and all demands involved in the areas of new construction, renovation, conversion and revitalization.

Technical building equipment planning for buildings

Hospitals and clinics
  • Comfort, hygiene and security of supply
  • Extremely complex technology in highly confined spaces
  • Outpatient treatment areas
  • Differentiated consideration of intermediate states
  • Implementation during ongoing hospital operations
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Data centers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • BIM planning including an interference check
  • Commissioning and acceptance
  • Infrastructure planning
  • CFD flow simulation
  • Flexible technical building equipment for changing demands
  • High security of supply and reliability
  • A sustainable energy supply
  • Drinking water concept based on hygiene and patient numbers
  • Optimal use of space
Shopping centers
  • Adapting technical building equipment to suit the architecture and function
  • Revitalization of shopping centers
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Planning in line with your budget
Industrial buildings and production halls
  • Developing energy concepts
  • Using process heating
  • Creating optimal process conditions
  • Using renewable energies
  • Flexible and future-proof solutions
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Retirement homes and nursing homes
  • Consideration of the German regulations on the minimum building standards for homes (HeimMinBauV)
  • Accessibility and functions
  • A pleasant living and working atmosphere
  • Passive thermal insulation and active cooling
  • Utilizing state subsidies
Office and administration buildings
  • Flexible planning for different types of offices
  • High economic and ecological demands
  • Conventional and alternative energy concepts
  • Planning in line with your budget
  • Utilizing state subsidies
Educational buildings
  • High energy efficiency, low operating costs
  • Considering different spatial concepts
  • Robust design, safe operation
  • Utilizing the state subsidies available
  • Providing fresh ambient air for strong learning success