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Nursing & care facilities

A technical foundation for maximum security of supply

Providing retirement and nursing homes with resident-appropriate equipment

When planning technical building equipment for retirement homes, nursing homes and assisted accommodation, bringing together technical functions and the desired friendly and welcoming atmosphere in perfect harmony is very important. It is essential that staff and residents have no reservations about using the equipment. This means that all components need to be robust and offer an intuitive user experience. A well-planned building equipment infrastructure forms the foundation for maximum security of supply. It creates a positive working environment for care staff and plays an important role in ensuring the economic efficiency of the facility at the same time.

Technical building equipment for retirement and nursing homes

  • Drinking water supply and energy-optimized hot tap water generation
  • Accessible sanitary facilities in accordance with VDI 6000, Part 5
  • Energetically favorable thermal heat energy generation in hybrid systems using environmental heat and/or solar energy
  • Combined systems for radiant panel heating and surface cooling
  • Highly available scaled supply systems
  • Ventilation systems with high-quality filtering and only using outdoor air
  • Intuitive operability of all components
  • Consideration of the German regulations on the minimum building standards for homes (HeimMinBauV) in terms of investment and care costs
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Markus Kröll
Managing Director
Markus Kröll
Managing Director