Construction of a new building and refurbishment work, Martha-Else-Haus, Hofheim, Germany

Construction of a new building and refurbishment work, Martha-Else-Haus, Hofheim, Germany

Construction period

First construction stage: 2019 – March 2021
Second construction stage: from April 2021


6.960 m2


Combined accommodation for the elderly, assisted accommodation, day nursing care


Technical building equipment & heating, ventilation and sanitary installations: approx. € 2.7 million (gross)


The demands

The Martha-Else-Haus is a retirement and nursing home that was opened in the German town of Hofheim am Taunus in 1963. The complex has grown over several construction phases and has its own kitchen. Before this construction measure, it offered placements for 47 residents and a day nursing care facility covering two entire floors.

The construction measures involved integrating further resident care rooms, twelve apartments suitable for the elderly and a medical practice. The project also required the optimization of internal processes and guaranteeing the parallel operation of inpatient care and day nursing care and catering for both forms of care from the in-house kitchen.

We achieved this by partially tearing down approximately 80% of the existing spatial profile in two stages and constructing a new building, also in two stages. At some stages during the construction phase, the home was fully occupied. The kitchen and day nursing care operations continued to run throughout the project. This was facilitated by installing and commissioning the new thermal heat energy generation system with a new gas connection alongside the old heating system, which was used to supply the existing building.


Our services

  • Ventilation and air conditioning planning
  • Planning a heating system with two condensing boilers and energy-saving areas with underfloor heating
  • Planning central hot potable water generation with three fresh-water units and a solar heat system with a collector surface of more than 62 m2 for care areas
  • Planning local hot potable water generation systems for the apartments by means of mini fresh-water units integrated into the apartment units
  • Planning air conditioning, including active cooling in the care area and in the assisted accommodation apartments to combat summer heatwaves


The result

We were able to plan the complex refurbishment and new construction work in two stages of construction in line with the deadlines while securing the required partial continued operation of the home during the construction phase at all times. The home can now make the most of needs-based utilities provided by modern, energy-efficient heat generation and drinking water systems. Residents and day nursing care guests can benefit from the integrated cooling system during heatwaves.

Project partner feedback

Axel Urban,
Manager of the Martha-Else-Haus

“Some aspects of the planning and construction phase were definitely more complex than the Board of Directors and I had expected – above all the various intermediate operating conditions of the building services systems during the refurbishment, construction and transitional phases.

I got to know and grew to value RK-Plan as a professional and competent partner that did not simply take on demands without comment. RK-Plan always carefully considered our requirements before proposing feasible and sensible solutions.

When dealing with authorized experts, supply and utility companies and the other specialist consultants at the Martha-Else-Haus, RK-Plan proved to be an important partner that we are happy to recommend.”