Renovation of six wards at the Klinikum Hanau hospital during ongoing hospital operations

Renovation of six wards at the Klinikum Hanau hospital during ongoing hospital operations

Construction period

First construction stage (H6c): June 2018 – March 2019 
Second construction stage (H7c): from April 2019
Third construction stage (H8c): from January 2020
Fourth construction stage (H9c): from July 2020
Fifth construction stage (H10c): from January 2021
Sixth construction stage (H11c): from April 2021


2.470 m2


Various wards


Technical building equipment & heating, ventilation and sanitary installations: approx. € 3 million (gross)


The demands

The Klinikum Hanau is a full-service hospital and academic teaching hospital of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. It contains more than 787 beds. The hospital has around 1,800 employees who cater to the needs of nearly 100,000 patients in inpatient and outpatient facilities every year.

The distinctive hospital high-rise building, block H–C, was constructed in the 1960s. Our task was to adapt it to meet the latest technical and hygiene requirements. An important aspect of this project was supplying the wards with hygienically perfect water and thermal heat energy.

To ensure the continued running of the hospital during the construction work, the measures needed to be planned in different construction phases in which a maximum of two wards were renovated at the same time. To guarantee the required running of at least nine wards in the eleven-story high-rise building at all times, work interfering with neighboring wards also needed to be factored into the planning.


Our services

  • Converting from central hot drinking water generation to generation in fresh-water units on each floor
  • Converting from a drinking water supply system with ascending pipes to a floor-based ring supply with flow dividers and automated, temperature-dependent flushing of the cold water system
  • Planning ventilation & air conditioning and smoke extraction
  • Converting from radiant ceiling heating to standardized hygienic heating surfaces with completely new horizontal supply lines for each ward, including individual room control
  • Supplying patient beds with medical gases, 5-bar compressed air & oxygen and increasing the security of supply by minimizing supply areas
  • Adapting the existing systems to suit intermediate scales of operations and carrying out subsequent planning to secure operations 


The result

During the planning phase, we were able to gain the approval of the building owners for technically and economically worthwhile additional measures such as switching to standardized hygienic heating surfaces. On the whole, the completion of the construction work in phases had a positive effect: The experience gained in the first stage of construction accelerated the construction measures in the other wards. Furthermore, it allowed us to achieve cost optimization by reducing the overall construction time compared to the intermediate overall scheduling of the architect.

Once the alteration work was complete, the renovated wards had self-sufficient potable supplies of drinking water units in line with the latest hygiene requirements. The automated flushing systems respond to the temperature of the medium and idle times.

The thermal heat energy distribution was refurbished and established on each floor, which also allowed the building’s fire protection system to be significantly improved.

The replacement of the windows in the wards played a significant role in the energy-efficient renovation. When planning the ventilation concept, we additionally factored in the necessary improvements: converting the existing local installations, the connection to the existing exhaust air system, installing an additional exhaust air system for ward H11c and extending the capacity of the smoke extractor system in consultation with the responsible authorized expert.

Project partner feedback

Jens Relke,
Technical Manager of the KHU

“Members of the RK-Plan team have been actively involved in various construction measures at our hospital for nearly 20 years. At present, we have also contracted RK-Plan to provide planning services in several projects.

With its expertise, wealth of experience and entire team of dedicated staff, RK-Plan was the ideal partner for our complex renovation project. Its flexible team of specialist consultants was able to respond to unpredictable occurrences at short notice on several occasions and always adapted its planning rapidly and with no problems whatsoever.

We could always depend on RK-Plan, including its cooperation with other specialist consultants in the building, the authorized experts, the site supervisor and the preventive fire protection team. To put it simply, everything functioned smoothly.”